Sebo X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners Review

Sebo X5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners
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I love this vacuum! I went into a local vacuum shop to purchase a different brand, but after testing this vacuum, I was immediately sold. This vacuum has renewed my faith that someone still cares about manufacturing quality products. Shop around; my local SEBO dealer had a much lower price than what I've seen on the internet. Here are the pros and cons:
PROS (in no specific order)
1. Effortless to use. It glides across my carpets and floors with ease.
2. Relatively quiet. I can have a conversation while using it.
3. Very low profile. Less than 5 and one-half inches tall when the handle is lowered.
4. Superior durability and reliability. These machines rarely need service.
6. Simple, compact and elegant design.
7. Bags hold lots of dust and are very easy to change.
8. Top-notch HEPA filtration system. Acts like an air filter when cleaning.
9. Very long cord (about 40 feet).
10. Powerful motor.
11. Superb cleaning power. Head automatically (and undetectably) raises and lowers to match the height of the floor surface.
12. Traps (doesn't scatter) debris when cleaning hard floors.
13. Well-written, concise user manual.
14. Belts designed to last a lifetime.
1. Stair attachment sold separately.
2. Not manufactured in the USA.

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